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What is coherence in Structured water

You know when you lock at a school of fish all swimming together in the same direction, or a flock of birds all flying together like one big bird. Even though they can swim or fly independently in a different direction they choose to fly together as one. This is what we call coherence. Nature is full of examples of this. In scientific terms this is called quantum coherence.

Nature uses a combination of forces to establish and sustain coherence.

The vortexing and spiraling that water does naturally in the mountain stream is one of the ways nature does this. When the water molecules cycle with electromagnetic fields in nature it is force to align and realign. Each cycle refines the structure of the water and eventually every molecule finds its place within the whole. This is how water becomes coherent. Every molecule is now moving and working in union with the whole.

So how does this relate to me ?

It simply means that every drop of structured water you use is bringing this coherence into every cell, organ and tissue of your body, and every and plant you grow.

Your body, plants and animals do not have to work so hard to receive the vital healthy life force that is inherent in structured coherent water and lacking in most other waters. This gives you more energy and frees up energy that your body would normally have to use in working hard to receive all it can from the unstructured water.

Every molecule of water is working to its highest potential and giving you all the health and life enhancing benefits that structured water is designed to do.

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