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Donations to water Aid.

Here at Structured water for life we feel that every man woman and child living on the earth, deserve to have access to healthy living water. In many countries families are not just living without quality water they are actually dying every day because of contaminated water . This is the only water they have.. They risk losing their lives every time they drink it.

Can you Imagine how it would be if every time you gave your son or daughter a glass of water you knew in your heart that it could kill them how would you feel?

So we decided we wanted to be part of the solution and extend our abundance to help our global family in this way .

For every structured water for life system you order from us we will make a donation to Wateraid,com . This organization is implementing clean water supply lines to the countries and people that are affected by contaminated water. This brings healthy water for the people to drink and also grow their crops and give to their farm animals.

This gift of Healthy clean water is priceless. It brings the prospect of a long happy life to so many that are right now are living without hope .

Thank you so much for choosing Structured Water For Life. Your choice makes a difference to all our lives here on earth.

You can also make your personal donation at

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