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Our sustainable future and structured water.

if you have clicked here you are most likely a person who truly cares about your health and well being and has a passion for sustainable lifestyle that causes all life to thrive in its natural order and relationship with each other. Each living form supporting the good of the whole of life.

How can we possibly do this without a water system that brings the wisdom of nature, the coherence of nature right into our own homes, gardens and farms?

The structured water for life systems first of all restores the water to its living state, bringing it back to its true power to support and sustain all of life on earth.

If you are living in a city or built up area you will know that your water is processed through a treatment plant before it ever reaches your home. This water is compromised again and again with very toxic chemicals like chlorine and, fluoride. It is run through the treatment plant sometimes up to twenty times without being allowed to go back out into our Eco system, breaking down the water again and again. By the time it reaches your home it looks like water, but all the life force, the structure molecules, the goodness, the minerals, the photonic light, are all gone from your water.

And as we know from previous videos water has memory. So until it can restructure itself the water coming into your home has full energetic memory of everything it passed through. Every chemical it was exposed to , it is so far from its original state and barely alive.

How much energy and life force do you think this treated water can offer you?

Very little if any. Your body will not be able to receive the maximum hydration that real living structured water gives every cell so easily.

When you use this water to shower or bath or instead of being allowed to go back to nature it goes right back to the treatment plant to be recycled and processed again with more chemicals and it comes back into your home to use again. Can you see now how living structure water is the answer to this?

The structured water system is nature,s force in your home and on your farm. It multiplies the benefits of grey water as your grey water is now also structured going back out to your soil and ground water. When your water passes through it and you use it, it is returned to the treatment plant or in more rural areas the right into our ground water. So you may be thinking how can that make a difference to water in the treatment plant?

Well a secret of structured water is that it entrains. What that means is that when the structured water comes in contact with compromised water, the compromised water becomes structured water.

If all the people in your community your neighbors and friends had a structured water system in their homes, eventually we would have no need for treatment plants as all our water would be structured This all starts at grass roots like all sustainable practices.

In rural areas the structured water is returned right back into our ground water and this water then feeds our rivers, lakes and reservoirs. By structuring our water we are then actively supporting our precious water in our water sheds.

The water does not have so much toxic load to deal with and this momentum builds and builds every time you run the water through your structure water system and it goes back out into the earth.

Eventually our beautiful rivers, lakes streams, and reservoirs can be restored to their original pristine state and the whole of life on earth thrives and is sustained by this.

Our soils become rich and fertile with structured water.

The microorganisms in our soils multiply building natural structure and fertility.

Our vegetables, plants, and fruits have up to 50% more nutrients in them.

They also become healthier and more bug resistant, and more tolerant to cooler temps.

They grow faster [2 weeks ahead of regular growth time and grow bigger.

We have healthier livestock and farm animals.

Healthier happy chickens.

Less need for big farm machinery as the happy earth worm’s love structured water and will do

more of the job for us.

Less harsh chemicals going into our soils.

People living in conscious relationship with water feeling empowered to make a difference.

All of this is possibly one person at a time choosing to structure their water and build a sustainable

now and future for our children, grand children and the generations to come.

Everything in a sustainable life thrives on structured water.

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