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Structured water softens your water naturally

Water is the universal solvent.. We only have to look to nature to see what a powerful solvent force that water is. From the Gran Canyon to all the little pebbles on the sea shore water has shaped, and eroded it all. No wonder we call it the universal solvent.

So the same applies to the structured water that is generated in your home as it comes through the structured water system. Because of the structuring or reorganizing of the water molecules they are now able to dissolve lime scale, calcium deposits and all other hard mineral deposits that we find in on the walls of the shower, or around the rim of the Jacuzzi or swimming pool. These minerals as well make our water hard and very challenging for our bodies to absorb. They accumulate in out washing machines, irons and various other appliances shortening the life and efficiency of our appliances. When you use structured water in these appliances the water will start to dissolve the lime scale or calcified build up and after a few weeks your appliances will be free of these hard minerals and work so much better for you. They will also last longer saving you lots of money on having to replace them

For the first month or so the structured water will also start cleaning out your hot water tank and your pipes. You may notice this as the water does the hard work here and after about a month you tank and pipes will be clean. You will never have to spend your time and money on buying additives to add to your water to make it soft. And you will have the freshest, healthiest water for your family to enjoy while also saving you hundreds of Euro on a separate water softener.

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