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Neutralizes Toxins Chlorine & Fluoride

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What is structured water?

Structured water is water that has all its water molecules restored to their original size as it runs along its river bed cascading over rocks, and tumbling down waterfalls.. The structuring of the molecules occurs as the water flows and creates little swirling vortexes . If you were to put a gallon of unstructured water into a clear mountain stream and then collect that same gallon of water 2 miles down stream that water would be structured.

Our Structured Water for Life home and garden systems simulate this same vortexing action as happens in a mountain stream.

When water is restored through structuring to its original living state, its capacity and power is also maximized and all its benefits are ours to enjoy. One of the most important of these benefits is, it can naturally neutralize toxins, and return chlorine and fluoride to their original gaseous state.

This means everything in the water when returned to their natural state is rendered harmless.

and because the molecules are also restored to their original size which is perfect for our cells to

obsorbe and hydrate our whole body.

We are so use to having to filter toxins out of our water like with reverse osmosis or other filtration systems, do . Because of this we may have a bit of a hard time understanding the power of structured water. Up to now the only way we can treat the water is by adding toxic chemicals like chlorine and fluoride or by stripping the water of everything all it minerals like in reverse osmosis.

So what is the difference that a structured water system will make in comparison

to any other water system ?

Well it’s all down to the change the vortexing spiraling that occurs in the structured water for life system 

and how this rearranges the molecules to their original size. This is the key to the power of structured living water.. Once this happens all the toxins , chemicals, chlorine, and pesticides’ that were present in the water are all energetically erased from the water. All imprints and memory are also erased. The chlorine is returned to a gaseous state and can then off gas into the air . The water molecule encapsulate the toxins which allows them to pass through your body and be eliminated through your elimination system.

When we structured water it restores your water to its living state full of life force and makes all the minerals in the water avail;able for your health and well being.

Some people still choose to use a filtration system or a small jug filter. with their structured water system

as this eliminates the smell of chlorine from your water. It is entirely up to you .

The structured water for life system will work with any filtering system you may already have and actually enhance it effectiveness while giving you the full benefits of structured living water.

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