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Natural Detox

There is nothing more potent then water to help our bodies detox. When we do not drink enough water or the water we are drinking is not structured our bodies are forced to hold onto to the compromised water and this in itself can create problems like fluid retention and other health issues. Our bodies have to expend so much energy to receive any benefit from the compromised water and that means less energy for you to enjoy your day. It This actually compromises our bodies natural ability to detox.

Our cells are thirsty for water but cannot let go and of toxins because they are not receiving the optimal hydration that living structured water brings to them. Structured water totally hydrates our cells.

The molecule clusters’ are the perfect size for our cells to absorb easily and our bodies do not have to expend huge amounts of energy trying to trying to get the hydration they need .

Drinking structured water frees up energy in our bodies to detox naturally, If you have ever done a juice fast or water fast you will know that while you were fasting your body detoxed much faster because it was not burdened by having to expend all its energy to digest food. The energy that would have gone in to digestion was available to help your body to detox . Well its just the same with structured water .

When you drink structured water with any herbs or supplements that you are taking to detox, the potency of these herbs and supplements will be multiplied as the structured water delivers them to your cells and organs.

Its so easy. Structure living water does all the hard work cleansing every cell bringing fresh oxygenated blood to every organ . Its nature,s gift for a healthy vibrant clean body.

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