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Structured water for healthy livestock.

Every drop of water in nature and our eco system was created to give and sustain the life of everything in the natural world. Over hundreds of years in our history here on earth we have attempted to do better than this.

Through the brilliant discovery of the true nature of water by Victor Schauberger, many Russian scientists and Dr Gerald Pollack professor at the University of Washington, we now have research recorded by these brilliant men, that has brought to light the amazing power and benefits true structured water or nature,s original water can bring to the whole of life including your live stock , horses, goats and all farm animals.

Because the molecule clusters in structured water are the perfect size for the maximum hydration for your livestock they will absorb all the wonderful minerals in the structured water which help to fortify their immune systems and make them more resistant to disease.

This means less need for expensive vet bills and less need for antibiotics to help control infections and viruses in your animals.

We can clearly see from all the stories we hear about super bugs in hospitals that the strains of bugs that cause infectious in people and animals are able to adapt to the antibiotics been administered and these infections that used to be knocked out by antibiotics are now not working . This is at a critical stage globally. . The more they develop stronger antibiotics the stronger the bugs become. So it is clear now that this is not working. Returning to Nature,s way and working with her is the answer to this dilemma.

All animals will choose rain water over any other water and that is because rain water is structured. Unfortunately it is also polluted because our air has become polluted and as the rain falls it picks up these pollutants’ and these in turn are absorbed by the soil and your animals as they drink the rainfall.

When ordinary tap or well water or even rain water passes through the commercial structured water system it is restored to nature,s original water and all the energetic pollution is neutralized .

This means vibrant healthy water for all your animals to drink. They will be happy and healthy, giving you more nutritious milk and meat for the market place.

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