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Healthy chickens on structured water

You have probably watched and enjoyed many different varieties of birds including your chickens having great fun drinking from and bathing in the puddles when it rains. They just love that rain water because it is structured. It is nature,s water.

All animals will choose this water over any other water. They instinctively know its the best water for them for them.

The healthiest chickens are those that are given structured water and allowed to roam free in the pasture.

Poultry Structured Water Studies


Organically grown, faster growth, bigger birds, less mortality rate, less water and less feed used!

The Tennessee studies with structured water brought forth a drop in mortality rates.

  • The mortality declined from 4,000 birds per house to 2,000 birds per house just by giving the bird’s structured water.
  • Mortality rates continued to fall at a 600 to 800 per house.
  • The Birds receiving structured water with were around 3.5 ounces heavier than the control birds.
  • For the test in Arkansas, the grower was a great chicken grower, who already had mortality rates in his houses down to 800 birds per 30,000-bird house per grow-out.
  • In the (3)-grow-outs supervised by him, mortality rates only fell when the birds had structured water. The grower said that the birds in the test houses definitely looked healthier. What he was more interested in was feed conversion rates.
  • In the first grow-out, birds drank structured water with. They were also sprinkled twice daily for 20 minutes with structured water.
  • In this first grow-out, the feed conversion rate was 5% better in test houses.In the second grow-out, birds were given structured drinking water, but were not sprinkled with structured water.
  • Feed conversion rate was 2.5% better for the test houses.
  • In all studies the birds appeared less stressed and much healthier than other grow houses.
  • Structured water means happy healthy chickens and poultry.
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