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Healthier Teeth

Everything in our bodies benefits from using structured water and that includes our teeth.

Water is our universal solvent and it works on our teeth just like it does in nature , We only have to look to how the ocean erodes the cliffs , the rocks and stones in the river bed and even the grand canyon. Water by its very nature erodes and dissolves.

We have minerals in our bodies that when they are balanced and in their correct place in our bodies we are healthy .

When our bodies are out of balance ,through stressful life style and at their optimal state of well being these minerals can

become hardened deposits around our teeth and in our arteries in the form of plaque and calcification. You have probably experienced this for yourself and have had a few trips to the dentist for a cleaning to have this plaque and calcification removed.

When you brush your teeth and rinse your mouth with structured water the calcified plaque starts to dissolve and eventually will just drop away. As you continue to use structured water to clean your teeth and gums, eat a healthy nutritious diet and choose a healthy lifestyle. this calcification will no longer build up . No more need to spend money on having your teeth cleaned the structured water will do it for you. Let nature’s water help you to have healthier teeth and gums.

Structured Water mouth wash.

500 mls of Structured water

2 drops of essential peppermint oil.

500 mls amber ,blue or green glass bottle [No plastic]

Fill your dark glass bottles with 5oo mls of fresh structured water.

Add 2 drops of essential oil of peppermint.

Shake really well before each use .

Label with date .

After brushing your teeth pour a table spoon or two into a glass

and rinse and swish for 2 mins.

Never put the bottle to your mouth always use a tablespoon.

This will protect your structured water mouth wash and make it last longer .

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