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Super charge your plants, vegetables, flowers, tress with structured water.

Just like our bodies thrive on structured water the same is true for every single growing, living thing in nature. Structured water is nature,s water . So it makes total sense that there is no better water to water your garden, flowers, and vegetables with . If you can imagine having a fresh clean mountain stream running through your hose when you are watering your garden and how every plant would thrive on this water. Well that’s what you are everything growing in your garden will receive when you water it with structured water

* You can activate the subtitles from the settings on the video above

So why does it work better than regular tap water? It’s all down to what happens in the structured water system as your water passes through it. The structured water system is simulating the exact same vortex action that happens I n the mountain stream , restructuring the molecules in your water to the perfect size clusters for the optimum uptake for your plants, vegetables and fruits.

The structured water as it is absorbed by your soil takes with it all the beneficial minerals and nutrients and they are then taken up into everything you are growing in your garden. This actually increases the nutrient density in your plants and vegetables by up to 40%.

Structured water also builds wonderful healthy fertile soil. The little micro organisms in your garden soil all thrive on structured water and they begin to multiply, bringing the life back into your soil. It is the breakdown of our soils through all the pesticides that are being used today, pushing the plants to grow faster than nature created them to grow. We may have big vegetables or fruits but they are lacking the true flavour and nutrients that we used to have say in our grandmothers time.

Their tomatoes , potatoes, strawberries all tasted amazing cause they were grown without all these toxic chemicals been used today. With the constant use of pesticides and toxic chemicals our soils started to breakdown and are unable to give our plants and vegetables the nutrients they once had. Healthy soil equals healthy plants. and of course a healthier you.

There are test that have been conducted to measure what is called the brix test which measures the nutrient density and sugars in plants and vegetables grown with structured water. link to video on agriculture page

Research was carried out on a large strawberry farm in California which shows clearly the amazing benefits structured water has on the strawberries. They watered part of a very large strawberry field one time with structured water. These were strawberries that were not picked because they were graded as sub standard. After 1 watering with structured water the brix test show a substantial increases in sugars and nutrients in the strawberries.

This is what structured water can do for every plant growing in your garden .

Its so easy .

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