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Fitness and Hydration.

New research is now showing that our bodies are actually almost 90% water. So naturally enough our bodies require to be replenished with the best quality healthy water every day

Our bodies love to move and daily exercise is essential for our health and well being.

When we run, cycle, work out, and dance we sweat and lose water through our pores. Exercise beside raising our endorphin levels, also increases the circulation to every organ and cell in our bodies and helps them release the waste products that our bodies no longer need.

You have to be sure that the water you are drinking is actually able to be received by your cells. Structured water is the best water you can drink to receive total hydration right down to each cell in your body. The molecules in your water after passing through the structured water system are restored to their original size which are the perfect for your cells to receive. This is why structured water hydrates your body better then any other water.

You will feel completely hydrated and actually need to drink less water. Structure water will also help with your recovery time after exercise as it helps flush the lactic acid from your muscles. With every sip you are getting healthier and fitter.

Nature’s living structured water is a great ally in keeping your body fit and totally hydrated.

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