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Have you ever noticed that after it rains your crops seem to shoot up over night ? You have been patiently watering with regular tap water,, it rains and your crops and garden vegetables and plants have grown twice as fast

We all have experienced this but do you know the mystery to it. The rain water is actually structured. It has passed through the natural process in the Eco system and through this process as we have already seen the rainwater is restored to its original structure. Video

The only problem is that our air has become very polluted and as the rain falls through the air it picks up the these polluted imprints and they are absorbed by your soil and taken up into your plants and crops .

So how can structured water help with this.?

When your water is run through the commercial structured water system it completely structured every drop of your water and all the pollution the water has picked up in the atmosphere i are completely erased. The structured water turns your tap and city water into living water just like rain or stream water but without the pollutants.

This makes the water perfect for your soil. All the little soil organisms’ love it and it creates an environment where they multiply and thrive. So your soil becomes more fertile, for growing healthy nutritious vegetables , fruits , nuts, trees , plant sand flowers.

Your plants, vegetables and crops are then able to receive the optimum amount of minerals and nutrition

from your healthy soil and they become more nutrient dense up to 40% more in fact.

This as we have spoken of preciously is because the molecules in the structured water are restored to their original size, nature,s size which is perfect for the maximum uptake of minerals and nutrients from your soil.

You will also save money when you water your fields with structured water, .Why ? because you use less water. Just like our bodies your crops will be truly hydrated and of course need to be watered less frequently.

They will also be more tolerate to cooler temperatures making them hardier to frost in the cooler winter months.

Structure water Systems restore tap water to Nature's water and you can’t beat that.

Why does structured water give amazing results in agriculture?

Farming With Structured Water

Ever since Clayton Nolte created the Structured Water Unit we have been wondering about all the ways this will make a difference in the world but one of the most impressive results using the Structured Water system has been founded by people who are farming with structured water. There are now small and large scale crop farmers, dairy farmer, pig farmers, chicken farmers and turkey farmers taking advantage of the benefits of Structured Water with the use of the Structured Water System . How impressive are the results? Very!

Here are some of the benefits we are starting to see:

  • Bigger Crops
  • Fast Maturing
  • Less Water Used
  • Lower Bills
  • Better Tasting
  • Healthier Animals

Farmers that farm with structured water are saving thousands in cash because the health of the animal is better and they don't require the usual expensive doses of antibiotics. Along with this both small and large scale vegetable and fruit growers talk about improvements all around.

Dairy Farming

In one instance there was a dairy farm that had cows with e-coli. After the farm installed a Dynamically enhanced commericial structured water system and started hydrating their cows with the structured water the e-coli stopped showing up in the tests!

Poultry Farming

In 2010 the efficacy of Structured Water for Turkeys has been clearly displayed as a valuable tool to increase profits for producers. Structured water systems were set in place at Platte Colony in Central S.D.. Flocks 76, 77, 78 and 79 were the historical flocks consisting of a total of 75,200 birds compared to flocks 80, 81, 82 and 83 on Structured Water consisting of a total of 75,200 birds.

These birds were on Structured Water in the brooder, however, only flock 81 continued all the way through finishing. Flocks 80, 82, and 83 were on Structured Water only 3 weeks in the

finisher due to moving systems into other houses to compensate for the lack of enough systems

Crop Farming With Structured Water

In talking about the nutrient quality measured by a refractometer farmer Joe Johnson had this to say about a particular parcel where he farmed with structured water from a Structured Water system, "This is a plot that has been separated and only watered with structured water once ,so the one time that it was watered by structured water, this field has jumped by 20%." 

At the Volga Research Institute in Russia which irrigates using magnetized water that they call "structured" the institute reported these production increases:

  • 32% increase in Tomatoes
  • 17% increase in Corn
  • 28% increase in Winter Wheat
  • 37% increase in Cucumbers

That's just some of the increases when farming with structured water. They also reported larger onions, radishes, corn and other vegetables.

Speaking of cucumbers, Roger Dagget from Northern Arizona used his structured water system in his Green House and had this to say about his results:

"So I continued to water on a daily basis with the structured water. We give it some compost tea and some other formulas once a week, the foliar feed with the structured water, and the cucumber got to a height of over 15 feet. From that cucumber plant I harvested in excess of 56 pounds of #1 cucumbers! This doesn't count the juicers that I took off of there that we just juiced because they didn't turn out perfect. So 56 pounds." 

So what can you expect from watering with structured water?

  • Expect to use 20-30% less water than usual (some people report 50% less)
  • Crops will grower bigger
  • Crops will have more nutrient value
  • Ants may even exit your property (claims Roger Dagget
  • Fruit and nut trees mature sooner

Dairy farming and structured water

The Natural Action Structured Water system has proven itself in the dairy milk production industry. Since Structured Water was first introduced into numerous dairies there has always been the feedback of overall herd health and milk production increases but not a consistent account recorded over a length of time.

So, it was proposed to really challenge the consistency of Structured Water in Dairy with one of the top milk producing Dairies in the Midwest and record the consistency from actual dairy milk production records over an extensive period of time.

The dairy chosen was Cedar Grove Dairy near Platte S.D. consisting of a 500 cow herd of Holsteins, who before the test had an average peak milk production of 116.1 lbs.

They placed a Dynamically enhanced structured water system in their water lines and average peak performance was recorded monthly. The test began on march 29th, 2011. Average peak performance increased April, May and June and at present their average peak dairy milk production is at 119 lbs.

Structured Water increases the bio synergistic effects in the body to the point of hydrating all cell tissues rapidly with increased caloric capacity or energy. This proprietary technology of Structured water portrays the same wavelength that transmits the most beneficial electromagnetic waves on earth and are found most resonant with all cell tissues.

The truth is that water in nature is structured water. That is what our Structured Water systems are doing. They are allowing water to act upon itself the way it does in nature. This natural action of vortexing brings energy and balance back to water without the use of chemicals or electricity. It naturally increases the biophotonic field as it restructures the water.

Needless to say, hydration is the key issue in dairy milk production and is the missing link to countless biological functions in the body as it promotes equal concentration of nutrients and energized water molecules across the cellular membranes. Our Structured Water systems are continually proving their consistent quality and value to health not only in Dairy but in all species of livestock and crops as the returns on investment are like no other. This coupled with their lifetime warranty make our commercial Structure Water Systems one of the most valuable tools to hit livestock and agriculture second only to the p lough.

At the moment, more studies are under way to further solidify the findings that structured water significantly enhances the quality of cows milk. These records will be published as they become available so please check back for more reports. Not only are our Structured Water Systems making Dairy Milk Production better they are also helping cows be more hydrated and happier.

Super charge your plants, vegetables, flowers, tress with structured water

Just like our bodies thrive on structured water the same is true for every single growing, living thing in nature. Structured water is nature,s water . So it makes total sense that there is no better water to water your garden, flowers, and vegetables with . If you can imagine having a fresh clean mountain stream running through your hose when you are watering your garden and how every plant would thrive on this water. Well that’s what you are giving everything growing in your garden when you water with structured water.

So why does it work better than regular tap water? It’s all down to what happens inside our Structured Water System. as your tap water passes through it. The Structured Water System is simulating the exact same vortex action that happens in nature, restructuring the molecules in your water to the perfect size clusters for the optimum uptake for your plants, vegetables and fruits. The structured water as it is absorbed by your soil takes with it all the beneficial minerals and nutrients and they are then taken up into everything you are grow. This actually increases the nutrient density and minerals in your plants and vegetables by up to 40%.

Structured water also builds wonderful healthy fertile soil. The little micro organisms in your garden soil all thrive on structured water and they begin to multiply, bringing the life back into your soil. It is the breakdown of our soils through all the pesticides that are being used today, pushing the plants to grow faster than nature created them to grow. We may have big vegetables or fruits but they are lacking the true flavor and nutrients that we used to have say in our grandmothers time. The tomatoes, the potatoes, the strawberries all tasted amazing cause they were grown with good quality water and without all these toxic chemicals been used today and

our soils started to breakdown and are unable to give our plants and vegetables the nutrients they once had. Healthy soil equals healthy plants and vegetables and of course that is wonderful for the health and well being of you and your growing family There are test that have been conducted to measure what is called the brix test which measures the nutrient density in plants and vegetables grown with structured water. See our video below and video on Agriculture page.

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